Friday, July 31, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

Today is a Blue Moon!
and it's been about that long since I've been to the lake...
So it's up up and away from the heat in Chico! I closed down the studio until Monday, too hot to run my machine and computers anyway. Drove up to the lake on Wednesday and spending time with my BFF Sally, two quilting friends that came into Tahoe for family reunions and visiting friends in town and in my old neighborhood. It's hot here as well, Tahoe City was 90 degrees on Wednesday when I drove thru, hot for the lake but still allot more comfortable than the flat land!

I finished the borders on Sandy's quilt before I left...
A few more details in the blocks to outline and some SID 
and this beauty will be ready for binding.

Off to pick up Mary Kay to work on some quilt projects we each brought to work on and a visit to Quilting Tahoe which is sadly closing! Penny is closing her shop due to health reasons and smoke related allergies. We will miss her and the shop. Back to trips down to The Quilt House in Gardnerville, NV for a LQS like it was back in the day when I lived here. 

Spent Wednesday afternoon and evening with Marilyn and Jerry, they are from the Palm Springs area. An online quilting friend since 1998, we would meet each year during her annual summer visit to the lake. Yesterday was a visit with Mary Kay who flew in from the St.Louis MO area. They are both here for family reunions. My good fortune to see them both! The weekend will be spent with Sally which we are looking forward to. Last night we had dinner together when she got off work. It's been 2 years next week since we spent time together! Yea, a much needed lift to my spirit altho, just spending time here in the mountains would have done it! 

Enjoy your weekend!
Tot ziens, Jo

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