Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sandy with her Row by Row

Yea Sandy... way to go!
Turned in at Honey Run Quilters in Chico CA!
...with Honey Run's row included of our own Honey Run covered bridge
block designed by Karen Giles, another talented quilter in our area.
Rows are from Northern California to Oregon  
Pic taken at Honey Run Quilters, posted on Facebook
Last I heard Sandy plans to name her quilt 'On the Road to Sisters'
because that is the route she and Kathy Thomas took to collect row x rows
from California to Sisters, Oregon on their way to enjoy a little quilt
magic that takes place every year in July.
Can't tell you how talented this little lady is!
Aside from a good quilting buddy, Sandy
is one talented quilter! I know as does Kathy Thomas
because we are lucky enough that she brings us her quilts for quilting. 
Bear hugs Sandy! Sew very proud of you :0)

1 comment:

  1. The row by row quilt is very good. I have enjoyed seeing the row patterns the shops have created.


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